Les Pendatz

Bo: "Psst ? Bilou ?"
Bo: "Montre-toi ! C'est pas drôle !"
** Aaah ***
Bo: "Quelle blague idiote!"
Bi: "Oh, désolé. Tu aurais sans doute préféré être pris ?"
Bo : "Pris ? Pris par qui ?"
Bi : "Par eux!"
P1 : STOP! J'ai vu quelque-chose
Bo: Ils m'ont vu!
Bi : "Euh ... Salut ... Beau temps, pas vrai ?"
Bi : "Merci. C'était juste!"
Bo: "De rien!"

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i like your style :3
also, that reminds me awesome game from my childhood - "cool spot"

PypeBros a dit…

Welcome, doom. Glad you liked it. Coolspot is indeed one strong influence on the game/story of Bilou, especially in the desire of "coolness" animation. On the older Quickbasic prototype, that was even more obvious, with speed-up vocals and a HUD where Bilou's face will depend on your number of lives. At +10 lives, it's got golden smile. At +2 lives, Bilou looked, scared at the counter on his left. At +1 live, Bilou started praying ...