Robin Soon ... la photo qui date

1993, according to my brother... Our French teacher recruited us for a "high-school exhibition" where we picked the theme "the Island", which drifted (in my classroom) into "the stories on Robinson Crusoë". Reusing the synopsys of Disney movie "Lieutenant Robinson Crusoë", my brother (scenario) and i (drawing) did a 6-pages comic entitled "Robin Soon". Since the whole story wasn't completed (and since the end of the story was rushed, as usual with my bross), we decided to open a contest among elementary schools where kids would have to invent a follow-up (how is Robin Soon to save the kitty he left behind when he was rescued ?) and draw it ...

The picture here is shot at the "high-school open day" where a full, colorised, copy of the story (plus some novels) were to be given to the laureates.

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